Hunger Games & China Glaze

I’ll admit it. I’m a girly-girl. I love getting all prettied up. The dominant color in my wardrobe is pink. I get excited over new hair products. Although I’m an avid nail biter, I love getting my nails done occasionally. I’m also a huge book nerd. (Duh, why else would I want to be a writer?) There’s this series out that they’re making a movie of. It’s called The Hunger Games. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Of course you have, Suzanne Collins rocks! If you haven’t read these books, um, do it! Now, to the China Glaze portion of this post. I was browsing some beauty blogs and ran across this post by All Laquered Up. China Glaze is coming out with a line of polishes for the Hunger Games! Yay! Whoo-hoo! Zip-a-dee-do-dah! The colors are AMAZING! Not only that, but each color corresponds with a distirict.
Luxe and Lush – District 1 (Luxury)
Stone Cold – District 2 (Masonry)
Riveting – District 3 (Technology)
Hook and Line – District 4 (Fishing)
Electrify – District 5 (Power)
Fast Track – District 6 (Transportation)
Mahogany Magic – District 7 (Lumber)
Dress Me Up – District 8 (Textiles)
Harvest Moon – District 9 (Grain)
Foie Gras – District 10 (Livestock)
Agro – District 11 (Agriculture)
Smoke and Ashes – District 12 (Mining)
What color are you going to get?

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