I have some exciting news!

Hey all! I’m back once again. How has everyone been? No, really, I’d love to hear. That’s what the comment section is for. I’ve posted before about how much I love the blossoming New adult category and my favorite go-to blog for all things related to it. (NA Alley, just in case some of you forgot.) Mid-January, the girls posted that they’d be sadly losing one of their members, but they were looking for a couple of new ones. They wanted to find a new contributor to the blog and a coordinator for their social media. Since you and I both know that my ability to be consistent with blogging is a complete work in progress, I applied to the coordinator position. After a few weeks, they said they would make a decision by March 22. Pushing it to the back of my mind so I wasn’t constantly obsessing about it the next few weeks, I had almost forgotten about it until Monday. It was my anniversary (7 wonderful years if you wanted to know), and I was checking my email. There was an email from NA Alley and I saw a ‘congratulations’ in the first few teaser sentances my phone shows. I clicked on it and saw that I had been picked for coordinator. I showed it to my husband and did a little happy dance around the kitchen. I had to keep it a secret for two whole days! Well, one and a half, technically. You can see my little bio and picture proving I’m not making all this up here. They ended up choosing two new contributors, a coordinator (me!), and a librarian. Go check us new people out! New Adult is awesome!


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