Literary Boyfriends

Everyone has one. Or two. Or twenty. Whatever your number is, join the club. This post was sparked by a pretty sweet facebook page I found the other day called A Book Whore’s Obsession. What the two moderators do, is find pictures of super hot guys and pair them with their super hot literary doppelgangers. It’s all in good fun, you may agree with who they pick, you may disagree. Either way, there’s drool-worthy guys and drool-worthy quotes to go with them.

Alright, time to lay the cards on the table. Who is your favorite literary crush? I’ll go first. Mine is Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries. I was in love/lust with him waaaaay before the TV show came out. I loved his bad boy persona and sexy attitude. When Ian Somerhalder was chosen to play him on the TV show, my obsession started all over again.


photo credit: Rico Predador via photopin cc

This is a writing blog, so let’s tie this into writing. When writing about your lead hero, how do you make him swoon worthy enough to become somebody’s next fictional boyfriend? Do you make him sweet and caring? Sexy and tormented by his past? Chiseled abs and a brain to match? I personally prefer my literary hunks to be bad boys with some sort of issue that the heroine needs to help him get past. (Think TVD, 50 Shades, Strength) How about you?



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