New Adult & Romance: Why is it so popular?

Romance has taken the New Adult category by storm. To the point that many people think New Adult is a sub-genre of romance. Even Amazon has their New Adult section under Romance. Although it seems like it’s just romance, it’s not. Again, it’s not. Romance is a genre in the category of New Adult, just like it is in the categories of Adult and Young Adult, but it is not the only one.

If there are so many more directions to go with New Adult, why does the category seem so ocused on romance? Even Amazon has their New Adult section under Romance. Don’t get me wrong, I love romance, I live for romance. You will probably never see me write anything other than romance. Alright, that’s one person’s opinion, but obviously there has to be more than me if it’s such a huge thing.

New Adult is about experiencing things for the first time. New job, college, living on your own. One of the big things that many new adults experience is falling in love for the first time. Not high school love where the end is almost in sight as soon as you start dating, but the kind of love where you think, ‘yeah, I can imagine living the rest of my life with this person’.

For the readers who have already experienced these things, they read it to remember the butterflies and sympathize for the ones who are going through it. They read it to go through the feeling of falling in love again through someone else. For the ones who haven’t experienced it, they read it and imagine if that is how it will be for them. For each sides of the fence, it’s about dreaming.

Romance evokes dreams and fantasies. How many little girls watched Disney movies and wondered when their prince would come? How many teenagers dreamed of a vampire sweeping them off their feet? (In my case I was hoping for Damon Salvatore, not Edward.) How many new adults dreamed of turning their very own college bad boy into a man who chased after them? Or brought a hermit hunk out his shell and into her arms?

Dreams are why we read in the first place. We want to escape the dull and dreary real world into a place of fun and adventure. We want the heart racing and girly squeals that come from falling in love.

Why do you think romance is so popular?



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