Fun Friday #4: Fairy Tales

I normally don’t like going to the theater. I don’t like having to stay in one place for two and a half hours and a lot of the time I get bored half way through the movie. There are some exceptions. I went with my husband to a midnight showing of Thor: The Dark World and stayed glued to the screen the whole time. (Partly so I was sure not to miss any of Tom Hiddleston’s onscreen time. I loved his sass in this one!)

We had a little treat today and both my mom and my husband were off work, so we decided to go see Frozen. I tried to get out of it, but was dragged along anyway. I am so glad I was. It. Was. AWESOME!!! Did you know Kristen Bell could sing? She totally rocked the voice of Anna. Even my three year old sat through it and ooh-ed and aw-ed in the all the right places. It was a great take on The Snow Queen by  Hans Christen Andersen.

There have been a lot of fairy tale spin-offs lately. Once Upon A Time, The Princess and the Frog, Beastly. Then there’s all the comics that they’re making into movies. Batman, Iron Man, Thor, Superman. I love seeing all the remakes and different takes on classics.

What fairy tale would you like to see brought to life on the big screen? Either one that’s been done before or one that hasn’t. I’d love to see someone’s take on Bluebeard and see how that could be made into a happily ever after without him dying.



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