One thing I wish I did last year…

Happy New Year! Yes, I realize I’m a little late on that considering January is more than half over, but better late than never, right? 😉 The new year always seems to be a time of reflection. You think about the previous years and the highs and lows. You plan how you’re going to be better the coming year.

One thing I wish I did last year and plan to do better this year is become organized. This blog, my life, writing, everything. I’ve already printed out many different lists, planners, and random stuff to keep me focused.

I have a family planner to keep all of us organized in one place. (Yes, my little monsters got to it already.)

2014-01-20 10.23.40

I have a desk calendar with a bunch of colorful sticky notes to plan out blog posts. I also subscribed to Rainy of the Dark‘s monthly newsletter where she not only highlights fun topics she recently blogged about, she’s going to be sending out a list of blogging topics for writers each month. One for every day if that’s how often you want to blog.

2014-01-20 10.24.11

I set up a little corner for just me in a corner of our house and plastered it with some writing motivation. (Yes, I do occasionally just stare and sigh. Especially at the ones of Loki and Chris Evans shirtless.

2014-01-20 10.24.51 2014-01-20 10.25.08

What are some things you plan on doing this coming year? What have you done to get started on them? Any tips for keeping organized?



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