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I just wrote a totally awesome book, will you review it?

I occasionally do book reviews on here, but it depends on my schedule. Feel free to ask via email, as it’s the one thing I check religiously.

Will you help me promote my novel?

Heck yes I will! I’d love to do a teaser, cover reveal, be part of a blog tour, or whatever you’re doing.

You talk about New Adult a lot, what the heck is that?

The best place I can send you is New Adult Alley, which I happen to be social media coordinator for. There’s all sorts of information on NA there and we’re constantly coming up with new ways to spread the word. If you want a quick explanation, here it is: NA is an emerging category in the literary world that bridges the gap between YA and Adult. The characters are usually 18-26, and are experiencing life on their own first hand. There are many genres within NA. It is NOT just erotica, sexed up YA, or for girls.

Can I do a guest post on your blog?/Would you do a guest post on mine?

I’d love to have guest posts as much as I’d love to do one for someone else. Email me and we can figure out a topic, date, etc.


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  1. Already six five-star reviews on Goodreads for the newly released e-novel by LazyDay Publishing:
    The Siren’s Tale is a quirky, irreverent tale about a siren in human form operating in the Old West. Though the second in Anne Carlisle’s series (HOME SCHOOLING), the book is a standalone piece which presents high entertainment value for New Adult readers looking for historical romance with a paranormal twist.

    A family of sirens gather in a remote Wyoming village in 1977. Malevolent forces are also in attendance, owing to a family curse. On the winter solstice, two sirens, an ancestral ghost and a world-famous psychiatrist, seek to alter the life of the youngest in the clan, a troubled siren with a sexual obsession and an unplanned pregnancy.

    The sirens weave a tale from 1900 to 1918 of romantic exploits, career success, and ultimately human redemption in the Old West. Cassandra’s story, spanning the first seven decades of the twentieth century, features a long contest between rustic superstition and female power, sex drive, and intellect. The strife has deadly consequences. The siren seeks a life of fiery passion, no matter the cost, and the family curse is born. The curse endangers Cassandra’s human lovers and her descendants alike. She is forced to flee Wyoming and seek her fortune in California, where she enjoys great success in the nascent film industry. The men lured into her web are not so fortunate, and their untimely deaths eventually lead to her redemption.

    The contemporary frame poses interesting questions: Can a paranormal creature learn to live and love? Is it possible some readers are sirens (or demons) in human disguise?

    It’s a nice big read at $4.99 from LazyDay Publishing, which is offering 30% off if you buy three romances.
    For a free look, go to one of these links:

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