IWSG: Happy New Year!

Hello all my fellow insecure writers! Who’s ready for this new year? New deadlines, new stories, new heartbreaks, new loves. I’m hoping to begin the next step in my writer’s journey this year. Querying. The goal is to write The End by Jan 31. Then it’s onto editing. I’ve looked around at a few different agents and publishers and I’m already overwhelmed. So, I’m turning to my fellow writers. What are your favorite sites for looking up different agents? How many agents do you send to at a time? How do you deal with all the waiting?! To end this post on a happy note, I’ve decided to title my novel Ripple. What do you guys think? A brief synopsis can be found under my WIP’s page.


It’s that time of month again… no, not that one!

I know right where your mind went, but thankfully we’re so not going to go there! It’s the first Wednesday of the month, which means:

This is such a great group. I love getting encouragement from other writers and seeing that other people struggle with the same things I do. Although writing is usually a solitary thing, it’s nice to know we’re not alone out there. If you are one of my lovely followers, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been absent from here for a few weeks. If you’re popping over here from somewhere else, welcome and now you know I’m a slacker. Wonderful first impression, isn’t it? While I’ve been gone, here’s what has happened:
  1. I celebrated my 25th birthday. Yay me, I’m a quarter of a century old. It was lots of fun. Hubby took the day off work, brought me 25 roses with presents from him and the kids. We took the kids out for a family date, then dropped them off with the inlaws so the hubby and I could have a date night. As our date night involved pizza, it was awesome.
  2. My oldest had her first picture day at preschool. Not much of a milestone, but it was still exciting for us. She’s had her outfit picked out for weeks.
  3. The hubby is working on day shift for a couple of weeks, so we can actually have a social life again.
  4. We took a leisurely drive up the colorful American Fork canyon. I love fall!
Yeah, September was a fun month for us. That’s the main reason I’ve been MIA around here. The other reason is… I’m not sure what to write about. My novels are coming along, but I’m talking about my blog. Whenever I do something, I research the heck out of it. Sewing, crocheting, being pregnant, planting a garden, you name it. I’ll spend hours pouring over different websites to figure out the best way to do things and the different ways you can do them. Since this is my method, I did the same for blogging. Let me tell you, the only thing consistent in the how-to-blog blogs, was to post consistently. Some say write strictly about writing. Others say don’t focus too much on the writing aspect. Then another will pop up and say ‘whatever, just write about anything’. I like having some sort of idea of what to do. If I don’t have a plan, I tend to get overwhelmed then shut down. That’s what happened here. When I read a fellow writer’s blog, I like to read a little of everything. Their day at the amusement park with the kids, writing advice, their struggles with their novel, book reviews. I could easily go on and on about the crazy things my kids do or why my MC is about ready to get her neck strangled by me. But writing advice? When do you get to that point that you can give writing advice? For now, I’m content just listening to the advice. What insecurities have been bothering you lately?

Insecure Wednesday

Sorry to those of you who have stopped over from IWSG and didn’t have a post to read! It’s great to mee you though! I’ve been putting off getting on the computer today, because I know that when I do, I need to work on my WIP. Well, duh, of course I do, but I’m sorta stuck. Shocking, I know. Does this ever happen to you? Are things going along great then all of a sudden your characters look at you and say, “There is no way I’m going to do what you think you want me to do.” Or even worse, you have no idea what you want them to do next? I’m at the latter of the crossroads right now. My MC is stuck between two guys, but not sure if I should have her leaning towards one or the other right now. *Sigh* If my wonderful critique partners are reading this, you know who I’m talking about. HELP ME!!! Okay, I’m good now.